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Aerial Archaeology by Remote Controlled Micro Aircraft. Model: Gyro-stabilized "Stromburg"

Prof. M. Schönherr July 2000 - Juli 2002 info@m-schoenherr.de



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Waldalgesheim , part of the Roman street "Ausonius-Way" Mainz-Trier Altitude ca. 250 m



Waldalgesheim, partial view from 30 m altitude



Industrial monument, the former iron- mine "Amalienhöhe", flight level nearly parallel to the tower top



Discovery of a 50 m grave-mound, probably early Celtic Latene-age. Close to the left bottom of the image an additional 22 m encircled grave mound was dicovered on the aerial photo. The small point left o the big circle is the controlling pilot. This gives an impression of the huge tumulus-size. The parallel plough -strips on the field look like an x-rayed earth surface. That is what aerial archaeology wants to see!



Photo of the big tumulus, taken from low level flight. The stone-package around the center grave is already visible



Excavation of a Roman "Villa Rustica", vertical photo taken within the "Forrest of Bingen", altitude ca. 60 m



Castle and village on a mountain spur with prehistoric past




The Buzzard was circling for a while with the photo-flyer in a thermal. Then he leaves with wings close to the body.

Somewhere far below wa a Roman villa rustica


View of the photo-flyer, seeing it´s own shadow. Specifications: Tailless wing typ "Stromburg" 1,6m wingspan, 1,5 kg takeoff-weight including camera and electric drive. Climbs up with one battery-load ca. 2 times to the visibility-limit at about 300 m, which is enough for 20 or more photo shots, commanded by the transmitter. Within one year about 1000 photos were taken, see also the publication in "AARGNews 23 (September 2001)"

Please note that the photos are copyright of the author. For more information to the photo-flyer see here, especially the last picture there!